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Thank you, for your interest in showcasing your art at Salon Modello. We look forward to sharing our space with you! Salon Modello’s intentions are not to make money off artists work but to support local artist by displaying their works. Which is why we do not take a percentage of your sales. We love art and want to support Atlanta’s local art community and what better way to support the art community by decorating our walls with their talented work for the our clients and the community. We highly recommend that you stop by the salon and check out our space so you can get a good idea of how you’d like to set up your work.


Artist Agreement Guidelines

  • Artist(s) will have their art on display for as long as they would like, or up to 3 months. Artist(s) are welcome to remove their art with an appointment, and can rotate in new pieces if they choose.

  • Artist(s) will receive 100% of the sales on their art Salon Modello WILL NOT take a percentage.

  • The Artist must have business cards or marketing materials readily available for salon clientele at all times.

  • The art must be hung, dropped off, removed and or replaced outside of business hours; Salon Modello’s Art Curator will be on hand to assist you with setting up an appropriate time for dropping off and hanging.

  • All art must have proper hanging materials and set up. Nails and screws are prohibited. Artist is responsible for having their own command strips, wire, etc. If the art is dropped off to be hung by the Curator, it must be ready to hang with proper hanging materials intact.

  • Artist is responsible for conducting the sales of their art. Potential buyers will contact the Artist directly. The transaction of funds will be conducted between Artist and buyer.

  • Once a piece sells, it is the responsibility of the Artist to contact the Curator to inform them of the sale so the Curator can mark the art as “sold”.

  • The art can only be picked up by the buyer or Artist who must show proof of purchase and a valid D.L. We ask this only for the Artist(s) protection.

  • Salon Modello does not accept prints unless they are framed to be hung.

  • Artist(s) are responsible for providing the displays of merchandise items such as prints, magnets, etc. These items may go home with the purchaser on the day of sale. THIS IS FOR EVENTS ONLY.


For questions and/or concerns contact; Art Curator, Krysta Rohling at:


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